Wednesday, March 15, 2017

James Bui
Baptiste Higgs
Ethan Gonzaga
Aaron Djong
Michael Rizoski
Nehal Selim
Charlotte Yuwei
Kong Wukai
Nick Lucchese
Sudassana Putrayana
Daniel He
Alan Wang
Simona Bojceska
Matthew McElroy
Jiang Chendu
Gary Liu
Will Backman
Xi Chen
Caroline Andrade Ayuke
Rujian Chen

Zaha Hadid

  • "There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?"
  • Unique and distinctive qualities that fits into modern society
  • Fluid luminosity
  • The purpose of architecture is not only about shelter, it's about a very simple enclosure. It should excite you, calm you, make you think.
  • Free form

Ma Yansong

  • Maintaining traditional identity, without compromising innovation
  • Treating architecture as landscape
  • Prioritising the individual's interaction with the architecture (over aesthetics)
  • Environmental symbiosis
  • Stratified

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